youth voices

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Derekn Buccassi

Derek, 2001

His male voice is taking more and more shape and slowly but surely he is venturing into the voice-over business. His good hearing and his multilingualism make it much easier for him to get started. As a former member of the national middle-distance squad, Derek knows that talent alone is not enough to perform well. At the moment he is attending his professional Baccalaureate. In September 2023 he will start his study of Sports Science Macolin.

Radio die Mobiliar

Radio Moonliner Swissgerman

TV SRC Italian

TV SRC French

Radio Samariterverbund Swissgerman

Radio Mobiliar Arena Swissgerman

Answering machine German

Answering machine English

Diva Buccassi

Divia, 2002

The vivacious, intelligent young woman slipped into the voice-over business primarily with the English language; Divia’s favourite subject on Netflix and Audible but also at Kings College, London, where she studies Liberal Arts.


Ines Buccassi

Ines, 2004

Not only does Ines have a good ear, but also crystal-clear pronunciation. As the last member of the family, she always has to get her statements to the point in order to make herself heard. Ines has already been able to demonstrate her talent in the recording studio. At the Moment she is visiting the FMS in Bern and enjoys her free time.

Radio VW Garage Bizzozero

Bernaqua Adventure Pool, demo

Bierhübeli New Year’s Party, demo

Preface "drei kleine Bösewichte"

Radiospot BEA Bern Platzhalter (hört man nicht, neues Format)